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Cause Marketing Campaign

A cause marketing campaign is great for your company and great for The Hope.  It is a true WIN – WIN.  Harness the energy of The Hope brand to provide an easy way for your consumers to support your business and our mission.

There are many ways to launch a cause program to strengthen your business while positively contributing to The Hope:

  • Point of Sale: your customer has an opportunity to donate to The Hope at the register.
  • Purchase or Action: a donation is triggered when your customer purchases your product or performs an action directed by your business.
  • Message Focused Campaign: Utilize your business or organization resources for a heart health public awareness campaign.
  • Digital: your company can conduct web based and social media campaigns.

We welcome your creative ideas and will work with you to design a program that reflects your company’s goals.  Please complete our Fundraising Application  or Director for additional information.