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You have the power to involve your community and make an impact in the fight against cardiovascular disease. You can create a uniquely personal and interactive online fundraising page that challenges your friends, family and co-workers to join The Hope in fulfilling our mission to make heart disease more beatable, treatable and preventable.

Create and promote your personal online fundraising page

On your personal fundraising page, you can share how cardiovascular disease has impacted your life and how you are providing change in your community. Involve family, friends, and co-workers by inviting them to give in honor or tribute of a loved one, in support of a workplace or social fundraiser, to support your participation in a sports/endurance event, or in lieu of gifts for a special event, birthday or holiday.

For HOPE fundraising is a fun and creative way to help change the course of cardiovascular disease!

The recipe is simple:
Your passion
Mixed with a creative idea
Add friends, family, neighbors and colleagues
Blend in easy fundraising options
Sprinkle with heart health information
Yield:   Support to The Hope to help end cardiovascular disease as the #1 killer in America

Each year, people just like you all over the Northwest are turning their passions into actions—fundraising with friends, fundraising with neighbors, fundraising at work - no idea is too small or too unique, or try one of these:

For HOPE Bake Sale
For HOPE Car Wash
For HOPE Dinner Party
For HOPE Lemonade Stand

If you plan to host a public fundraising event to benefit The Hope, please visit our Third Party Fundraising page.