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When you support The Hope Heart Institute, you partner with Washington state’s premier organization delivering research, education and hope to those in the Northwest who are at risk or have been impacted by cardiovascular disease, the #1 cause of death in America.  With a focus on risk-reduction and prevention through nutrition, exercise and wellness education, Hope Heart makes heart disease more beatable, treatable and preventable.

At The Hope, we view our relationship with you as a true partnership.  By working together, we help you reach your company goals, target audience and marketing objectives, while your resources, outreach and participation support research and scientists in the Northwest who are looking at the cause and cure of cardiovascular disease and provide community heart health education, information and tools to tens of thousands of at-risk and medically under-served individuals.



Corporate or Foundation Grants

By awarding a corporate gift or foundation grant, your company can be the catalyst for research breakthroughs in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease and deliver education and resources to reduce the risk of heart disease throughout our community.

The Hope Heart Institute seeks opportunities to enter into long-term partnerships to forward promising research, launch new initiatives and underwrite proven programs.  Please contact Cherie Skager for information.

Cause Marketing Campaign

A cause marketing campaign is great for your company and great for The Hope.  It is a true WIN – WIN.  Harness the energy of The Hope brand to provide an easy way for your consumers to support your business and our mission.

There are many ways to launch a cause program to strengthen your business while positively contributing to The Hope:

  • Point of Sale: your customer has an opportunity to donate to The Hope at the register.
  • Purchase or Action: a donation is triggered when your customer purchases your product or performs an action directed by your business.
  • Message Focused Campaign: Utilize your business or organization resources for a heart health public awareness campaign.
  • Digital: your company can conduct web based and social media campaigns.

We welcome your creative ideas and will work with you to design a program that reflects your company’s goals.  Please complete our Fundraising Application  or Cherie Skager for additional information.


Please join us as a sponsor of a program or special event.  Sponsors enjoy premier marketing platforms, have the ability to reach passionate stakeholders and are aligned with leading businesses committed to bettering our communities.


Hope Happy Hour, May 17, 2016
Take Heart Luncheon, October 18, 2016

Employee Engagement

Corporate partners strengthen communities and their workforce by promoting employee health education, active lifestyles, volunteerism and fundraising.

Consider these options: