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This information is provided to support a special event. For online fundraising, please visit Create an Online Fundraiser.


Enthusiastic stakeholders from all over the state are turning their passion into successful fundraisers for The Hope.   From a 5k run/walk to a star studded concert, it’s easy to turn an idea into reality and raise funds for The Hope.

A Third Party Fundraiser is an event activity or promotion that:

  • Raises funds to benefit The Hope Heart Institute.
  • Is produced independent from The Hope by a private or public individual, organization or business.
  • Promotes fundraising and heart disease education and awareness through events or activities in alignment with The Hope Heart Institute mission.

The Hope Heart Institute is accountable to the public and Internal Revenue Service for fundraising activities using the name of The Hope.  Third party events which meet certain criteria will be considered for approval to use The Hope name and trademarks.

The following information is offered to serve as standards for those who organize special events, benefits or promotions to benefit The Hope Heart Institute.

To Get Started

A Third Party Letter of Agreement is requested to be in place prior to conducting a public third party fundraiser for The Hope.  Please allow a minimum of two weeks to complete the agreement prior to launching your fundraiser.

In accordance with the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance's guidelines for charitable promotions, all advertising and promotional materials for your event or campaign must clearly disclose to the public the specific amount of money from the consumer's action that will be donated to The Hope (i.e., "$10 of each ticket purchased," or "10% of the sales price of this product," "100% of auction proceeds" etc.).

All promotional materials should state that the event is to benefit The Hope, and not imply a co-branded event. The use of The Hope Heart Institute name or logo must be approved prior to production or distribution.

All necessary permits and certificates of insurance required by city ordinance or otherwise are the responsibility of the fundraising group.

To support your event, we are able to:

  • Include a listing of your event on The Hope online event calendar.
  • Recognize your event through The Hope’s social media, supported by your pre-written material
  • Provide a document on Hope letterhead recognizing the event and acknowledging the philanthropic purpose of the event to supplement the event planners efforts to secure support.
  • Mail gift acknowledgments for donations made at the event provided the donation is a gift made directly to The Hope and the donor contact information and donation amount is documented. This does not apply to any revenue generated through auctions or raffles.
  • Create an account and provide an online fundraising tool to solicit support from your personal online network at Everyday Hero.
  • Provide complimentary educational materials to display at your event.
  • Attend your special event to serve as a guest speaker as location and schedules allow.
  • Provide a representative for your check presentation as location and schedules allow.

To comply with IRS regulations, we are unable to:

  • Solicit sponsorships or donations for the event.
  • Provide use of The Hope tax ID number (EIN) or 501(c)3 for procurement, in-kind or financial donations to the event
  • Accept or process financial transactions in relation to event production or expenses.
  • Allow event fees or sponsorship to be paid directly to The Hope. *The Hope is able to accept direct charitable donations in honor of the event.
  • Serve on event organizing/planning committees or serve in a leadership/decision making capacity.
  • Sell Tickets, accept admission fees or otherwise handle event proceeds

The Hope Heart Institute as an organization does not direct mail third party event invitations to Hope constituents or share mailing lists.

Thank you for thinking about The Hope as your plans unfold.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Please complete our Fundraising Application or contact Linda Hall at director@hopeheart.org to share your ideas with us!