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Parents of Young Children

The Hope Heart Institute is a local non-profit serving the Northwest through heart research and education. Many things impact a young child’s ability to thrive. Health is one of them. For example, children who eat breakfast daily, are physically active, and get nine or more hours of sleep every night are:

  • Less likely to be overweight
  • Have a better memory
  • Pay more attention and perform better on tests
  • Have better moods and higher self-esteem

With a heart for families and children, we’re making an effort to connect parents of young children with resources that promote healthy lifestyles and health literacy as well as support Kindergarten readiness.  The following tools support active play, healthy nutrition and a reduction in screen-time.
We hope you enjoy the following resources.  This page of our site is also a work in progress.  We welcome your feedback and recommendations for additional resources that can make the page an even greater asset to parents.  Please contact Carlee Donnelly at cdonnelly@hopeheart.org or 425.456.8717.



Dancing Spinner – PDF
Move Together – PDF
Movement Grab Bag – PDF
Move Along – PDF
The Count Counts Moves – PDF
Anytime Apples – PDF
I Say Fruits and Vegetables – PDF

Corn Chowder - PDF
Zesty Tomato Soup - PDF
Roasted Root Vegetables - PDF
Bulgar Chickpea Salad - PDF
Amazing Apple Recipes - PDF

Coloring Pages
My Plate – Option 1, Option 2, Spanish
Color Your Salad - PDF

Move To Me Maze – PDF
The Heart Dance – PDF
Listen To Your Body – PDF
Sesame Super Stretch – PDF
Energy Dance – PDF
Great Grocery Shopping Tips – PDF

Berry Bread Pudding - PDF
Lentil Chili - PDF
Mediterranean Pasta Soup - PDF
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad - PDF

Coloring Pages
Find the Fruit and Veggies - PDF
Build Me A Salad - PDF
Eat More Whole Grains - PDF



I’m So Glad You Came! – PDF
Jumping Jack Freeze – PDF
Emotional Movements – PDF
Home Dance – Playground Dance – PDF
Hey Everybody, Let’s Make A Shape – PDF
If You’re Hungry and You Know It – PDF
Hungry-Full Meter – PDF

Lemon Velvet Supreme - PDF
Rise and Shine Breakfast Cobbler - PDF
20-minute Chicken Creole - PDF
Grilled Veggie Pita - PDF
Pepper and Onion Fritata - PDF

Coloring Pages
Fruit and Veggie Crown - PDF
What comes next? - PDF

Shape Shifting – PDF
Yes Game – PDF
Magical Zoo – PDF
If I were a…, I would move like this - PDF
What’s On My Feet? – PDF
Indoor Nature Journey – PDF
Mystery Food Box – PDF

Cucumber Yogurt Dip - PDF
Outtasight Salad - PDF
Frozen Fruit Cups - PDF
Fire and Ice Watermelon - PDF
Salmon Patties - PDF

Coloring Pages
Healthy Eating Worksheets - PDF
Food Group Coloring Pages - PDF



•    Sleeping
•    Child Care and Preschool Options
•    Kindergarten Readiness
•    100 Books Every Child Should Hear Before Kindergarten – PDF
•    Entertainment

Physical Activity:
•    Captain Cardio Family Activities (English and Spanish)
•    Family Health and Fitness Stations

•    Healthy Eating Habits – Kid Size Food Portions
•    Portion Plate Coloring (English & Spanish)