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Kids Take Heart™ is a school-based curriculum targeting anatomy, fitness, nutrition, stress and goal-setting. It was developed in 2005 as a tool to equip children in 3rd-5th grades to make healthy lifestyle choices that reduce their likelihood of chronic disease later in life. It was developed and piloted by certified teachers in nearly 20 districts and 650 classrooms.

Kids Take Heart™ aligns with national and state standards for health and fitness and is a tool teachers can use to ensure developmentally appropriate, standards-based instruction is provided to students. The Kids Take Heart program is a two month, interactive curriculum that can be used in traditional classroom settings, physical education classes, or adapted for community outreach.

In 2008, in partnership with The Center for Research and Learning, the KTH curriculum underwent a formal evaluation. Students from participating schools were asked to respond to questions on a pre/post student survey concerning awareness, interest, knowledge, and demographics. Survey results indicated students learned new skills and concepts about anatomy, fitness, nutrition, and stress by receiving the curriculum and were able to evaluate this knowledge and create their own goals to apply at school and home.

If you are a teacher or an administrator and would like more information about KTH training and materials contact Karishma Chainani at kchainani@hopeheart.orgor 425-456-8717.

Cumulative Facts & Figures| At a Glance
# of school districts | 20
# of private schools | 12
# of teachers trained | 47
# of students instructed | 29,276

KTH 2011/2012-2012/2013 School Year End Report

Kids Take Heart Teacher's Manual

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Kids Take Heart Program Overview