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 FHFN Program Brief_FINAL_Page_1Family Health & Fitness Nights

Family Health & Fitness Nights are one-time, health themed events. As part of the planning process, we help create or grow sustainable wellness committees within Washington State schools that involve parents and key community members.

The goal of these events is to involve parents in their child(ren)’s wellness and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. Families have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of games and activities surrounding different health topics, including:  fitness, nutrition, safety, emotional support, and resources for healthcare. A free dinner, prize drawing, and student led performances are also included.

Due to the growing interest in Family Health & Fitness Nights, schools are selected through an annual application process each spring.

Heart Healthy Assemblies

The Hope Heart Institute offers free, health focused assemblies to elementary schools across Washington State. Assemblies range from 30-60 minutes and teach students about 5-2-1-0 themes. The 5-2-1-0 framework states that every day, students should eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables, spend 2 hours or less on screen time (television, computers, video games, etc.), get at least 1 hour of exercise, and consume 0 sugary beverages.  We teach 5-2-1-0 through a variety of interactive songs and games, which are often lead by the Hope’s heart superhero, Captain Cardio!

For more information, please contact Karishma Chainani at kchainani@hopeheart.org

Family Health & Fitness Night Program Overview