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Youth Take Heart™ is a cutting edge science and health curriculum for 21st century classrooms, created by the Hope Heart Institute through a collaborative effort with the University of Washington’s Engineered Biomaterials, a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center and Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement program, and the Seattle School District teachers.

Youth Take Heart is a four-week, interactive curriculum that focuses on heart anatomy, the causes of cardiovascular disease, prevention of cardiovascular disease through heart-healthy nutrition and physical activity, as well as biotechnological solutions for repairing damaged heart tissue. Youth Take Heart curriculum is designed to promote heart health among middle school-aged youth, and includes pre-and post-unit surveys to assess student knowledge and attitudes. The curriculum includes:

  • Guy Simplant, an Internet-based/CD-ROM program (originally developed by the University of Washington’s Engineered Biomaterials Department) which focuses on exploring ways to repair or replace a heart.
  • An educational, interactive program kit addressing the connections between cardiovascular health and other body systems.
  • The role of science and technology in treating heart and vessel disease, with an emphasis on science and technology career options.
  • Cardiovascular disease risk reduction strategies for youth.

Youth Take Heart™ aligns with national and state standards for science and health and is a tool teachers can use to ensure developmentally appropriate, standards-based instruction is provided to students. The Youth Take Heart program is a month long, interactive curriculum that can be used in traditional classroom settings, physical education classes, or adapted for community outreach.

If you are a teacher or an administrator and would like more information about a free Youth Take Heart training and how to reserve a free kit, contact Karishma Chainani at kchainani@hopeheart.org at 425-456-8717.

2016/2017 Participating Schools

Adopted by the Seattle Public School District (middle schools)
Baker Middle SchoolCoupeville Middle School
Lakeridge Middle School
Lakeside Middle School
Redmond Middle School
West Seattle Montessori School


Youth Take Heart Teacher's Manual

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Youth Take Heart Program Overview