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Volunteer – For the Health of It!

Many lifestyle choices affect our heart health, but what about giving time to a cause we love? Yes! Volunteering has been shown to improve our cardiovascular health and overall wellness. How? By reducing stress, increasing activity, boosting our mood and fostering a sense of connection to our communities. The link between healthy hearts and emotional well-being is proven and volunteering, simply put, feels good.

A 2013 survey shows that 78 percent of people who volunteered for one year say they felt less stressed and 80 percent felt that they have more control over their own health. Health and volunteering data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control show that states with higher volunteer rates are more likely to have lower incidence of, and fewer deaths from cardiovascular disease.

So how much time do you need to give to get health benefits? Data suggests that 100 hours per year, or about two hours a week, is enough to make a positive difference. That sounds achievable, doesn’t it? Help out a neighbor, clean up a beach, or give time to The Hope or another favorite organization. It’s good for you as well as for others.

April 12th-18th is National Volunteer Week – a week to celebrate and inspire service to our communities. The Hope encourages you to explore volunteer opportunities that are close to your heart. Our founder Dr. Lester Sauvage has said “We can all make the world a better place for everyone by developing our own unique talents to the fullest, becoming the best people we can be, and sharing ourselves – and what we have to offer – with other people, out of love.” 

Join The Hope!


Meet Jackie Ng. She is our Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Program at The Hope Heart Institute brings together individuals, institutions and organizations that support our common vision and values. This collaboration makes a greater impact through the power of shared ideas, resources and best practices. Our invaluable volunteers make it all possible.

Our volunteers are The Heart of The Hope! – Our volunteers play a critical role bringing our message to the community and fulfilling our mission of preventing and treating heart and blood vessel disease, and to improving the physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life for all at risk of – or affected by – cardiovascular disease.

Last year, Hope volunteers served more than 1,500 hours at community events. They represented The Hope at health fairs, Family Health & Fitness Nights, marathons, and blood pressure screenings with partner organizations. Our University Outreach Committees raise heart-health awareness throughout local campuses and communities. Our volunteers continue to go above and beyond to make cardiovascular disease more beatable, treatable and preventable.

So this month, find a way to volunteer…and do something good for your heart at the same time! For more information on how you can volunteer, visit our website at www.hopeheart.org



Give BigAre you struggling with a gift idea for the mother who already has everything? Consider making a tribute gift for Mother's Day this year, you can make your dollars stretch even further by giving on May 5th, giveBIG DAY!! And we will make it even easier for you by sending an acknowledgement card to your loved one letting them know of the donation you made in their honor.

The Seattle Foundation's giveBIG is a one day, online charitable giving event to inspire people to give generously to non-profit organizations who make our region a healthier and more vital place to live.

Each donation made to The Hope through the Seattle Foundation on Tuesday, May 5th, will receive a prorated portion of the matching or stretch pool. The amount of the stretch depends on the size of the pool and how much is raised in total donations on the day of the event. They will stretch up to $2,500 per donor.


Mother’s Day Half Marathon – May 10

Honor the women in your life by joining the annual Mother’s Day Half Marathon in Kirkland on Sunday, May 10! The Hope is excited to be the beneficiary of this wonderful event! This year you have the opportunity to set up a fundraising page to raise donations as you train for your race.  Register for the race at http://www.promotionevents.com/MothersDay/register.html  and then build a webpage to share with friends, family & co-workers and keep them up to date on your training and fundraising goals www.firstgiving.com/9423. 100% of funds raised will go towards The Hope’s educational programs in Washington State.



20th Annual Haul Ash Bike Ride – May 16

Come join the Redhook Brewery’s 20th Annual Haul Ash Tour De Brew on Saturday, May 16. This 42-mile round trip ride will take you along the Burke-Gilman Trail with a stop at LTD Bar & Grill in Fremont and back to the Redhook Brewery for a Post Pedal Party. The ride commemorates the 35th anniversary of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. The Hope is thrilled to be the beneficiary for this ride! To learn more and sign up to ride, visit







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