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No matter how old you are…does September still feel like you should be shopping for school clothes and dusting off the backpack for the first day of school? 

We are embracing the “back to school” fever with some ideas that no matter what grade you are going into or stage of life you are embracing, will set you up for health and success!

The Hope loves to partner with the community with our Family Health & Fitness Nights. We work with schools to educate staff, students and families on ways to rethink the way they eat and keep their bodies moving.  This September, we encourage everyone to be thinking of creative ways of incorporating healthy habits every day of the year.  Whether it is a class party or an office celebration, start thinking about “treats” in a whole new way.



Consider making a rainbow fruit kabob or “magic fruit wand” for your child to enjoy with their classmates or for you to share with colleagues…because everything is more fun when you eat it off a stick! Everyone loves a yogurt parfait filled with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt, which will also provide a little protein boost to power you through the day.

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September is also National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. One in 3 children in the United States is overweight or obese. Childhood obesity puts kids at risk for health problems that were once seen only in adults, like high blood pressure and heart disease. Our lives have gotten busier and filled with more to-do’s and activities for our families. With this, comes the “auto pilot” of going to the car to drive down the street or picking up an electronic device to “play a quick game” to pass the time until the next item on the itinerary. How about a change? We challenge you to put down the car key and smart phone and instead, walk your kids to their practice, toss the ball around or go for a quick bike ride. Not only will these choices release endorphins that will decrease your stress level, they will set you on the right track to creating lasting memories and healthy habits with your kids!walking_school_bus

Have you ever wanted to incorporate a Walking School Bus in your neighborhood?
Fewer children are walking to school than ever before, helping contribute to nationwide childhood obesity problem. When you have walking school buses in your neighborhood, kids parents and school members all benefit from the exercise.


Tips to get started

  • Gather families in your neighborhood to start walking together, designate leaders and co-leaders of your program
  • Plan and test a safe route to make sure there are sidewalks and that traffic isn’t too heavy
  • Let the group decide how often they would like to walk together
  • Keep the walking school bus visible and exciting, recognize the students and share the success with your community


Walking School Bus http://www.walkingschoolbus.org/


Thank you to our summer 3rd party fundraisers!


A big thank you to The Mother’s Day ½ Marathon, Red Hook Brewery’s Haul Ash, Golf Fore Red, and the Greg Gregorios Memorial Golf Tournament for selecting The Hope Heart Institute as the beneficiary of these summertime fundraising events!  We are honored to work with you!


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